Lionel Messi picks US team Inter Miami over Saudi Arabia

Lionel Messi picks US team Inter Miami over Saudi Arabia

Lionel Messi, a seasoned Argentine football player, has declared he will join Major League Soccer in the United States rather than Saudi Arabia, as many had predicted. The news caused ticket costs to surge.

On Wednesday, Lionel Messi a soccer legend, shocked many by revealing that the next chapter of his illustrious career would begin in the United States with Inter Miami of Major League Soccer (MLS).

Messi, who has received the Ballon d’Or seven times for being the best player in the world, stated, “It was my turn to travel to the League of the United States to watch football after winning the World Cup and not being able to go back to Barcelona.” differently and to enjoy the day-to-day.”

The 35-year-old has played for Paris Saint-Germain for the last two years and has scored more than 800 goals in his career, the most of which came while playing for Barcelona. Only Cristiano Ronaldo, his fiercest opponent today, possesses more.

He also relocates to the US just a few months after winning the World Cup with Argentina, which is widely seen as his last genuine opportunity to win the championship for his nation and put the finishing touch on his long, glittering list of club-level and personal successes.

Ticket prices go through the roof in anticipation of the debut

Fans reacted to the unexpected news of Messi’s relocation to Florida by scrambling to buy tickets on the secondary market. On these websites, individuals typically try to sell tickets they have already purchased. Messi’s first game in Miami will probably be in July.

The cheapest ticket for Miami’s season-opening match against Cruz Azul on July 21 cost just $29 (about €27) on Tuesday, but by Wednesday, it had jumped to $329, according to tracking website TickPick.

It demonstrates Messi’s appeal. Even though he is no longer performing at his best, he is undoubtedly still the game’s most famous and marketable name.

Following in Beckham’s footsteps, perhaps with an eye on future

According to the Reuters news agency, Messi’s shocking decision not to travel to Saudi Arabia with his longtime rival and prolific scorer Cristiano Ronaldo was motivated by his desire to play for a team where he may become an owner.

That’s a similar route taken by David Beckham, another notable MLS signing from recent years who is now a stakeholder in Inter Miami.

Although Messi may not be able to match Beckham and his pop star wife in terms of celebrity in the MLS, the Argentine is a different animal on the field.

Eric Wynalda, a former US national player and soccer pundit who presently runs a show on SiriusXM, said of Messi, “He is the most recognizable and the best soccer player on the planet at the same time. It will not only be about an attraction but also about having the opportunity to witness greatness.

What is the most significant US signing since New York Cosmos era? Or ever? 

However, at least Messi is still very close to the pinnacle of his abilities. Many renowned players from Europe and South America have ended their careers in the US.

Only the New York Cosmos of the mid-1970s, who had signed German superstar Franz Beckenbauer, Brazilian icon Pele, and others to the same team, could compare to Messi’s signing in terms of fame and profile. 

Just as the 1994 World Cup, the establishment of Major League Soccer, Beckham’s relocation, and other events cannot be considered to have catapulted the game into the American public’s consciousness, neither could that star-studded lineup. But like with the trendy women’s games in the US, these have likely led to a continuous rise in popularity. 

Messi’s transfer also coincides with the most recent effort to establish soccer as a legitimate domestic rival to traditional US sports based on the impending 2026 World Cup, which will be held in 16 locations spanning the United States, Canada, and Mexico.  

It’s unclear if Messi will still play a role for Argentina’s national team at that point, and it would be awe-inspiring given that the competition is scheduled to start around Messi’s 39th birthday. However, if football fans have learned anything over the previous 20 years, it’s that you ignore the wily left-footer at your peril.

The intrigue surrounding his choice of Inter Miami over Saudi Arabia

When David Beckham announced that he would launch a new Major League Soccer franchise, Inter Miami, many fans were thrilled with the prospect of the world football legend setting up camp in the United States. However, eyebrows were raised when it was revealed that Beckham had rejected an opportunity to head up a consortium that would have seen him take charge of a proposed new team in Saudi Arabia.

This decision only added to the mystery and intrigue surrounding Beckham’s choice to establish his team in Miami. Some have speculated that Miami’s vibrant culture, warm climate, and passionate soccer tradition influenced the choice. Others have suggested that, as a devout follower of Maharaja Agarsen, Beckham was drawn to Miami’s enormous population of Indian-Americans, who hold this spiritual leader in high regard. Whatever the reason, the decision to choose Miami over Saudi Arabia has only fueled the interest in what the future holds for the exciting new franchise.

Inter Miami’s Ambitions and How Messi Fits into Their Plans for the Future

Inter Miami, a Major League Soccer (MLS) franchise, has been making waves in the world of soccer since its inception, and the signing of the legendary Lionel Messi is a testament to its ambitious vision for the future. The club, co-owned by soccer icon David Beckham, has set its sights on becoming a global soccer powerhouse, and Messi’s arrival is a pivotal step in that direction.

First and foremost, Messi’s signing brings unprecedented star power to the team. His reputation as one of the greatest soccer players of all time instantly elevates Inter Miami’s profile on the international stage. This will attract more fans to the club and draw attention from sponsors and investors, fueling the team’s financial growth.

Additionally, Messi’s unparalleled skills and experience will undoubtedly benefit the development of young talents within the club. His presence in training sessions and on the field will serve as a masterclass for Inter Miami’s emerging players, helping to raise the team’s overall level.

Strategically, Messi’s arrival aligns with Inter Miami’s goal of becoming a championship-winning team in MLS. His on-field prowess, creativity, and goal-scoring will significantly bolster the team’s performance, making them strong contenders for league titles and other competitions.

Furthermore, Messi’s global fanbase ensures that Inter Miami’s brand will reach corners of the world previously untouched by MLS. This opens up new marketing and revenue opportunities, making the club more sustainable in the long run.

In conclusion, Inter Miami’s signing of Lionel Messi is a bold move that elevates the team’s competitiveness in MLS and aligns perfectly with their ambitions to become a dominant force in global soccer. Messi’s presence will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the club, both on and off the field, as they strive to achieve their lofty goals for the future.



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